We strongly suggest that you avoid the use of silicone-based products (Armor-All, 303, and many similar mainstream products) on the inside or outside of your vehicle. Silicone will leave a shiny but slippery residue that will not only be short-lived but will damage the surface by degrading the polymers that make up the originally manufactured surface. In addition, silicone-based products should never be applied to RVs, trailers, golf carts, and motorcycles.

RENEW PROTECT does NOT contain silicone. RENEW PROTECT products are designed to actually replenish the original polymers while forming a durable dry seal on dashboards, trim, and tires. It can handle numerous washes while blocking contaminants, repelling water, and blocking UV rays.

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Dorus ‘Chip’ Rudisill


January 07, 2021 — Dorus Rudisill